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Support Services

New Life Support Services is a Christ-centered cooperative offering support for those who are seeking healing from past abortions, abuse, shame, and loss, and those seeking help for an unplanned pregnancy.

Welcome to New Life Services

Have you experienced loss or feel haunted by decisions you made in the past? Or were decisions made for you that leave you consumed with bitterness? You are not alone.

If you have had an abortion, often the pain you feel is related to unhealed grief. Sexual abuse, broken relationships, all kinds of loss can cause us to feel like we are in a pit with no way out. And yet, Jesus promised an abundant life.

There is abundant life when you have been healed. He has already saved you if you have surrendered to Him. But often the sin from our past, though forgiven, has developed deep pockets of anguish in our hearts that need to be dealt with.

Peter, after he had denied Jesus, needed to know that Jesus still desired to use him. He needed to deal with his denial. Jesus forgave him, yet Peter identified himself differently until the Lord confronted him. You may need such an encounter with the Lord so that He can heal your wounded spirit.

We are a non profit service provider for individuals, pregnancy centers and churches who are seeking help for recovery from abortion’s trauma. We also offer resources for related trauma such as sexual abuse, grief, loss and miscarriage.

Our Services

New Life Support Services partners with affiliated pregnancy centers to train post abortion (PA)healing leaders, supply PA retreats and retreat materials and offer online PA classes. Becauses local centers often lack trained staff, we also offer online support groups for affiliated issues such as sexual abuse recovery, grief and loss. Through ten years of prison ministry, the Lord has equipped us to offer PA healing classes in that setting. We will share what we have learned with anyone wanting direction and encouragement in this vital ministry. Lastly, we have a mobile pregnancy care unit which runs on a regular basis, visiting towns through the remote Lost River Valley of Idaho.

Revive Retreat for Past Abortion Healing.

Using a curriculum based on the Daleth of Psalm 119:25-32, this weekend retreat guides women through several sacred encounters, helping them find a safe place to grieve and heal.

Prison Ministry

Post Abortion ministry in prison is deeply needed because incarcerated women have much higher rates of abortion. Often, they report their criminal behavior was a direct result of their reaction to their abortion.

Healing Bible Studies

We offer healing Bible studies online using several resources and apps. We use Healed and Set Free, by Tammy Brown for healing from Sexual Abuse, A Time to Heal by Susan Ficht and Linda Cochrane for grief and loss, and Forgiven and Set Free for spiritual and emotional healing from past abortions.

New Life Support Services

New Life Support Services will begin operation of a mobile pregnancy care center beginning January 2024, through the Lost River Valley and as far north as Salmon, ID.

About us

About twelve years ago, Melissa Hardy was head of the Post Abortion Ministry at Calvary Chapel, Boise. The ministry regularly offered the Silent Voices Retreat. Yvonne Brewer, a member of Calvary, heard about it and joined Melissa co-leading the retreat and follow up Forgiven & Set Free classes. The classes spread to other venues, working with Love Inc. of Treasure Valley, a local homeless shelter and eventually in the Idaho State women’s prison near Boise. And then, the Lord led Melissa to a remote town in the Idaho mountains! There she had new and challenging experiences working in a secular drug rehabilitation center as well as working with local Christians offering rehab retreats. She also worked with Hope’s Place of Salmon, Idaho to offer PA healing. Yvonne continued to work in the prison and expanded to work with several local pregnancy centers offering PA training and classes. But we always knew the Lord would use us to work together again. In 2019, Yvonne was led to write the Revive Retreat, steering away from the “psychological” retreat model and focusing purely on the Word of God. Through Melissa’s work at Hope’s Place Pregnancy Care Center, the retreat was offered several times. We then formed Women From the Well, DBA Hope’s Place. In early 2023, the Hope’s Place board decided to disband the pregnancy center and give the non-profit to Women From the Well. Since then we have changed our name to New Life Support Services and formed our board with those who have been working with us and those who have benefited from the healing. We have several centers with whom we have partnered to offer the retreat. They regularly use our services for referral for PA clients. The retreats also bring some women to see the need to work on affiliated issues such as sexual abuse and loss. Melissa is our retreat and online class leader. Yvonne continues to work in the prison as well as develop PA materials and mentor new PA leaders. Our hope is to encourage and support many more pregnancy care centers in their outreach to the post abortive, sexually abused and hurting women. We also hope to develop a speaker’s bureau of healed women to spread the word of the availability and need for such healing.