Resources We Trust

Over thirty five years of working with post abortion healing materials and numerous classes and studies on rape, sexual abuse and grief, we have chosen several of what we believe are the best of the best materials offered in these areas. We chose each of the trusted resources for their faithfulness to biblical truth, their clear presentation and useful teaching styles. We hope you find them helpful in your own journey to healing or in your leadership of such groups.

Links For Resources


Forgiven And Set Free

About 35 years ago, Yvonne Brewer attended a post-abortion Bible study called, “Post Abortion Counseling and Education.” The title did not reflect the deep biblical truths contained in it. It was written by Linda Cochrane, who experienced healing as she sought the Lord in her dark pain and grief. The title has been changed to Forgiven and Set Free. It has been updated a bit, but still retains its deep biblical roots. We have used this resource in pregnancy center groups, in prison settings and online groups. It is our “go to” resource for Post abortion groups. It can be ordered through Care Net’s ARC program. Care Net is a national organization of affiliated pregnancy care centers. It can also be ordered online with Amazon. If you sign up to join the PA online group, we encourage you to order the book before class starts.

Her Choice to Heal

Her Choice to Heal, by Sydna Masse is also an excellent tool for biblical healing from a past abortion(s). We recommend this book for one-on-one peer counseling or for personal use when a woman is not ready to join a group or attend a retreat. also has a free online course that uses the book to begin healing. However, we do encourage that, after a woman has gone through the book, she also attend a retreat or class in order to hear others stories and share in their healing. The Lord knew what He was doing when He said, “Confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another so that you may be healed.” There is healing in confession and a retreat or class offers a safe, first step place to do that.

Resentments and Forgiveness Workbook

Resentment is the number one offender. It destroys more alcoholics (and addicts) than anything else.” Quoted from Alcoholics Anonymous (The Big Book), page 65. In quotes from the author. I have been working in addiction treatment for the past 14 years and I have seen many alcoholics and addicts who were unable to maintain their sobriety because they were still carrying resentments. Many of the best evidence-based treatment methods were tried, but the one that appears to help heal resentments the fastest was forgiveness. Over these 14 years, I have been developing a simple yet powerful new therapeutic approach to use the awesome power of forgiveness that resides in all of us to heal our resentments. This approach was refined from working with thousands of clients and is now available for you in this easy-to-use workbook. In the workbook, you will first learn and be able to identify what your resentments are and where they came from. This can be a very painful process, especially if they come from your parents. Second, you will be instructed how to identify, on a feelings list, exactly what the resentments are that have been fueling your drinking or drug use. Third, you will be instructed on how to write a simple forgiveness prayer. The fourth part is all up to you and that is to repeat the prayer multiple times a day until your resentments are gone.

Fight For Love

Men become addicted to porn for a variety of reasons, but two common reasons are feelings of emasculation and toxic relationships. When men are robbed of their godly role of protecting their offspring by being removed from the decision to abort their child, they can feel emasculated. Also, when a man is married to an unhealed post abortive woman, the relationship can be toxic. It may not have been his child that was aborted and he may not even be aware of it. An unhealed woman will often hold the current man in her life accountable for the lack of support from another man that caused her to feel she had to abort her child. The bitterness in her heart is taken out on her husband. This leads to toxic family dynamics. In response, he may turn to porn. Porn is so easily available and powerful, it is hard for men to escape it unless his wife is in on the fight. If you have received healing from an abortion and you know your husband is in need of help in this area, we recommend this trusted resource: Fight for Love by Rosie Makinney.

A Time to Heal

A Time to Heal Bible Study is offered in group settings on zoom or where we have affiliated local ambassadors. Written by Susan Ficht and Linda Cochran, it addresses the pain of life altering loss and how it affects our walk with God. It is a useful tool for anyone wanting a deeper, joyful walk with Him.

Weathering the Storm Retreat

New Life Support Services recommends the retreat, Weathering the Storm, written and facilitated by Janet Caldon of Care Net of Puget Sound. It is a bible based retreat for women who have experienced miscarriage or infant loss. We hope someday to offer it at New Life. You can find out more about this resource at or email Healing Tide is the program name at Care Net of Puget Sound under which Janet works.