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Without question, the media and social culture largely pushes a pro-abortion agenda. There also is push back in some media and from the Christian community. These two media responses center on the rightness or wrongness of abortion. Many women, and men, who were involved in an abortion decision, are sitting in your congregation enduring the messages in our culture and grieved at their own complicity.

Without meaning to, most churches have left these Christians to suffer their wounds in silence. Very rarely will a post abortive person speak of it to another Christian. Even though repentance for the abortion may be the very thing that brought them to Christ, they fear rejection, not from God, but from the pastor and congregation if they admit to having had or being involved with an abortion.

New Life Support Services hopes to not only help pregnant women understand the horror and lies behind abortion but also help the church understand the gut-wrenching fallout for those who have been impacted by it. We offer post abortion (PA) healing groups in the form of Bible studies as well as a Bible based retreat. We also hope to help inform pastors on the issues as well as advise how some common church
practices could be better for the post abortive in your congregations.

In that spirit, we offer the following counsel:

1. Review your own messages on this topic. Do they speak of the sin or the sinner? It is necessary to speak the truth of sin, but it’s only half a message if it doesn’t speak healing to the sinner.
2. Familiarize yourself with the grief commonly associated with abortion. Remember, this grief can be manifested right after the abortion but it is most commonly experienced from two to forty years after the abortion. Many of your elderly women are now dealing with it.
3. Consider, even if you assure a person of God’s forgiveness of this sin, the problem may be that she doesn’t forgive herself. She may need help with that.

On this site, we will offer concise notes to help you understand the issues of healing past abortive hearts, inform you of various good, Bible based healing resources and help you and your church offer healing retreats. Scroll down and you will see nine topics addressed to pastors. If you have further topics you would like to see addressed, please contact us by sending a message from our contact page.

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